Children stories

Lucy is afraid of blood

“Lucy, do you remember that they found a sickness in the blood?”

Lucy did remember that. Her parents were upset. They were trying to calm her down, but she hadn’t even known what to be afraid of.

Lucy nodded.

“The doctors gave you some medicine afterwards, so that you could be healed. Because they found the sickness in the blood soon, you could be completely healthy.”

Lucy understood this, but just talking about it made her feel sick.

“So you were actually saved by the blood!”

Until now Lucy would never think of being saved by that blood, but it was true. Without the blood they would not have been able to find the sickness. It would just get worse and she could even die eventually.

“Nowadays we don’t have to put blood on our door,” her mom continued, “because Jesus gave all his blood to save us.”

“I’m glad,” Lucy exhaled.

“But it would be really cool,” Patrick imagined himself spreading the blood on the door frame. His dad glowered at him. Patrick calmed down because he knew as well that the death of Jesus Christ was important for him too. Jesus shed his blood instead of him as well.


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