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Lucy is afraid of blood

Lucy is afraid of blood

“I would not put blood on my door,” said Lucy resolutely, “I wouldn´t even live in such a house.”

“And you’d be dead!” her brother attacked her pretending he is cutting her throat with a table knife. Lucy started screaming and kicking with her legs.

“Patrick!” their mom shouted, “put down that knife before you hurt her.”

“We’re reading from the Bible now,” said dad.

Patrick put the knife down and everyone looked at Lucy.

“But it’s disgusting. The blood is disgusting,” Lucy was upset.

“Lucy,” her dad leaned towards her, “do you remember the time you were at the doctor and they took your blood?”

“And you were screaming so loud that everyone ran away from the waiting room,” brother added.

That was not true, no one ran away from the waiting room, even though Lucy did scream and was kind of furious. But only because she really hates blood. She wasn’t afraid it would hurt, nor was she spoiled. Just the image of her shedding blood made her furious.

At the end her mom had to cover her eyes and together with the doctor they had to hold her tight until the nurse was able to take all the blood needed. It was a horrible memory.

Lucy shook and her dad could recognize that she was recalling the memory.


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