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If you really love me, prove it!!!

You may have heard this phrase, because it is so often used in real life, in books or in movies. How can love be proven? More often than not, what is being expected is the proof of physical intimacy. However, is this the proof of genuine love? Does true love have to be proven in this way, or must it be visible in other ways? If true love requires proof, what could that be?

He said: “If you really love me, you will go with me tonight to the cabin.”

I knew he'd planned a romantic evening. If I didn't go, then he'd be sure I didn't really love him and our three-and-a-half-year relationship would end. But if I did, I'm sure we'd end up having an intimate relationship that I'm convinced neither God nor my family would approve of. What am I supposed to do? Whatever I do is not right.

What about you, what would you do if you faced this choice?
What, do you think, should be the proof of true love?

What people call proof of love before marriage, God calls sexual immorality. The dictionary defines sexual immorality as sexual intercourse between two unmarried persons, cohabitation, prostitution, adultery, living in debauchery. These are pretty harsh words that we wouldn't want to be related to us. And yet it's true. If the one who wants to have an intimate relationship with you IS (not will be, but is) your spouse, says YES, this is a blessing, if he/she IS NOT, then say NO because this is sexual immorality.


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