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Johnny and his naughty cousins

Johnny and his naughty cousins

Johnny was warming his hands over the stone chimney. So freezing. Finally they arrived at the cottage, and his dad heated up the furnace in the ground floor.

Johnny inhaled the scent of joy - a mixture of smoke, wet clothes and old wood. He enjoyed the last quiet moment before his cousins arrived. He had already chosen his bed, though he knew how uncertain it would be to keep it. Once his relatives arrive, nothing is certain.

And they were already here. Both families of his cousins. The door downstairs flew open, and Johnny knew that the loud welcome of the adults would soon be overwhelmed by the children’s cries.

“Shoes, shoes, shoes!” Mom shouted. She stopped some of the children. But Jimmy was already upstairs, followed by a puddle of water and mud on each step. He sprawled across the bed and began trying one by one.

Before Johnny could move from the chimney, the room was full of children and their screams. He didn’t even know where his things ended up.

“Come and take off your shoes,” Uncle called as he climbed the stairs to the attic. And Johnny immediately noticed that the uncle himself was still wearing them. He knew who would wipe the stairs afterwards. His dad.

“Look, slide,” Jimmy called from the open window towards the snow-covered roof.

“Don’t even think of getting out that window!” That was dad’s voice, which came to pacify the whole gang a little.

“You’re soaking my bed you…” Philip, looking at his uncle — Johnny’s dad — decided not to finish the swear word, even though Jimmy was stomping on his bed.

“Go change your clothes and leave that window alone,” Dad ordered. He closed the window and dispersed the boys.

Johnny had just picked up his things from the ground and began unfolding them on the rest of the bed when they all got back.

Jimmy immediately began organizing them. The window was suddenly wide open. Child guards at the door.

“If uncle comes, you’ll report it,” Jimmy ordered his sister.

“Wow, it will be fun.”

“The roof is all the way down and ends with a snowdrift. We’ll land softly. Who will go first?”

Johnny was sitting on the bed, wishing to see it. Sliding on the roof is exciting. He wanted to be a part of such fun. He probably wouldn’t go. He would be afraid to disobey his dad. But he wanted to see it.

Meanwhile, Philip was scrambling up the window and Jimmy was helping him.


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