Children stories 2

Watch out girls

"Eve…!" Claire wanted to say, "Eve, watch out, the iron!" But she didn't make it. The ironing board swayed, and the iron flipped over. It leaned over the edge and was falling on Eve's back.

"Ahhhh!" Mom caught the iron at the last minute. She burned her whole arm badly. She immediately had large blisters and her whole hand turned red.

"Watch out, girls!" Mom pulled the iron out of the drawer and hurried to the bathroom. She turned a stream of cold water on her hand. There were tears in her eyes of how much it hurt. Daddy came running after her.

"Does it hurt too much?" Claire asked guiltily.

"If you girls listened to me," Mom nodded. It really did hurt a lot. Dad had to call an ambulance, and they took Mom to the hospital.

In the meantime, their dad put the girls to bed. They prayed for their mother together. When their dad was about to leave, he stroked Eve's head and said, "You're lucky mommy made this sacrifice for you."

Claire laid in bed with tears streaming down her face. Mom did it like the Lord Jesus. She sacrificed herself for Eve to save her. And yet it was their fault. Claire whispered, “Lord Jesus, please heal our mommy. And thank you that you sacrificed yourself for me."


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