Children stories 2

Watch out girls

Watch out girls

"And now girls hurry to the bathroom!" their mom called.

Finally! Eve and Claire ran from the table. After dinner, they had read the Bible with their parents, and today it took an awful long time. They had read about how the Lord Jesus died, and parents kept explaining it. That we were supposed to die, that the Lord Jesus died in our place. That it was a sacrifice.

Parents were so serious; it was long and complicated. The girls didn't understand much, so they just dangled their legs and waited for their parents to finish.

Now the girls rushed to the bathroom to brush their teeth. They should have some fun before they go to bed. They made faces at each other and splashed the toothpaste on the mirror out of laughter. As soon as the brushes were rinsed, Claire shouted, "Run."

Eve started screaming and ran to her bed. They ran through the living room with lightning speed and jumped on the bed.

"Girls!" their mother yelled, "don't run around here, I turned on the iron, so don't drop it!"

Not a hope. They had been at rest for too long and needed to vent their energy. At first they were wrestling in bed. Then Eve took Claire's sock. They started chasing each other around the room, and then Eve ran out of the room. She ran as fast as she could and boom! She hit the ironing board.


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