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Dating non-Christian

Christians + non-Christians = disaster

We cannot deny the fact that there are non-Christians who have a nice personality and character, worthy of respect. And, sadly, it is also true that some “Christians” often behave in a shameful way. But this does not give us the freedom to unite in marriage with a non-Christian. Through marriage two people become one – body, soul and spirit, in other words, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Even if he is a good person, still, spiritually you will not be able to become one, because your faith differs. As a result, you will not fully become “one body”, and this will affect your family life.

God asks us not to marry non-Christians because they will turn our hearts away from Him. God Himself declares that He wants us with jealousy for Himself, He wants our hearts to be totally His, and a marriage with a person whose spiritual perspective is different from yours, will take you away from Him.

“I pray that that person becomes a Christian” is the phrase I often hear. We are called by God to evangelize non-Christians so that they may make a personal covenant with God, but we are not called to make a covenant of marriage with them in order to evangelize them. God makes it very clear that His children should choose a life partner from His people and not from amongst the non-believers. And in Joshua 23:12-13 we have noticed that the non-Christians will be a snare for us, a big trap in our lives, a way for God to punish our disobedience.

In 1 Corinthians 7:39 God's instructions through Paul are very clear. Even if they are presented in the context of a widow's remarriage, they still apply to any type of marriage. Any marriage must be made in the Lord. Can a marriage between a Christian and a non-Christian be made in the Lord? Not at all.


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