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Dating non-Christian

Christians + non-Christians = ?

Are Christians allowed to date or marry non-Christians? It is the question that many teenagers and young people often ask. And whenever this topic is discussed, it is accompanied by certain reasons, behind which we hide in order to excuse our intentions. Before we analyse what God says in the Scripture, let's take a close look at these excuses.

He/she is a very good person.

I know him very well and he is a very good person. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't use bad language and he's a true gentleman. She's a thoughtful girl and has a more beautiful character and behaviour than some Christian girls with whom I had to deal.

There are no Christian girls/boys in my church.

I'm at the age where I should be thinking about marriage, but in my church there are no girls/boys with whom I could start a family. I'm afraid that if I keep waiting, I'll grow old all by myself.

I tell him/her about God and I think he/she will become a Christian.

Whenever we meet I tell him/her about God, I evangelize him/her and tell him/her that he/she needs Jesus. It is possible that he/she will become a Christian. God commands us to tell others about Him.

We respect each other’s religious beliefs.

We discussed and decided that the faith of each of us, even if it is different, will not be an impediment or a problem between us.

Are these just excuses, or am I wrong and they are actually the reality we live in? What's your opinion?

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