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Dating at the right time

Girls and boys often rush out on a date so that their friends will not laugh about them, but also because they want to experience the thrills of a date. Very often they end up dating the wrong people. Remember the following truth: it is better to stay at home than to date the wrong person, to be hurt in your soul or even physically.

As human beings we put our energy and soul into every relationship we have, and every failed relationship brings with it pain, distrust in future relationships and in yourself. And the fact that everybody dates, is not really true – statistics show that 50% of high school graduates haven't been on a date. These statistics are not made among Christians who choose to postpone dating until they are ready for marriage, but are general statistics.

The desire to be courted, loved, liked by a person of the opposite sex is a pleasant and normal feeling that God has placed in our hearts. But God has also put in us the ability to control ourselves and He calls us to keep our hearts and thoughts pure for our own good and for our future life partner.

Talk to your parents or another grown-up and ask them if they think it's the right time for you to start dating or if the person you're planning to date is the right one.

Think about it: What do you do if you realize after a while that the person is not the right person? You start dating someone else? How many people would you like your future life partner to have dated until you married?


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