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What is dating?

Since they do not have a biblical basis, many argue that dates should not take place, and people should avoid these moments, directly addressing engagement and marriage to the person they like and whom God has prepared. Ask the pastor or the leaders of the church you belong to, whether or not dating is allowed in your community.

Still, a date is a predetermined time that two people spend together in order to get to know each other in view of marriage. Why should I initiate a date or go on one when asked? Because I want to know this person in view of marriage. Dates are not for the sake of having someone to go out with, going to prom, or simply because all the teenagers and young people in your high school or community do so.

This also leads to an answer for the question of when can dating begin. At what age? Dating should begin at the age when you are ready to enter the marriage covenant. When people are asked what their plans for the future are, the most common answer is: “To finish high school, to go to college, to find a job, and then I will get married.” It takes a few good years to make these plans, so the question that arises is this: If in your plans marriage comes up only a few years later, then why start dating now?

You can answer this question best. If the one you're dating comes to you tomorrow and says, “I want to get married next week!” and your answer is YES, then it's time to start dating. If your answer is NO, or LATER, then postpone dating.


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