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Too late

What should I do?

And yet, if I have sinned and have not kept myself pure and holy, as the Lord commands, what shall I do?

Confess your sin before the Lord.

Because your sin is a violation of God's commandment, you must come humbly before Him, recognize your sin and ask for forgiveness. Regret and sincere repentance will be received by God and He promises to offer forgiveness to those who confess their sin.

Confess your sin before your parents.

Your sin questions the integrity and testimony of your parents who have a responsibility to raise you according to the Word of the Lord and to exhort you in His way. Apologize and ask your parents to help you keep yourself clean from now on.

Confess your sin before your future spouse.

The lack of virginity is not a reality that you can hide in a marriage. So act wisely and confess this sin before the day of the wedding.

Choose to keep yourself clean from now on.

Whether it was rape or sexual immorality, Jesus has the power to restore your virginity on a spiritual, sentimental, and mental level. Ask Him in prayer to do this, being fully entrusted that He will do it and choose to keep you clean from this moment on. Stay close to God and his Word and move away from the people, places, or things that might push you into this sin.

If we have the confidence that God forgives us, this does not mean that we will sin and then ask for forgiveness again and again, but we will choose to keep ourselves clean.


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