In love

Too late

Too late

“I deeply regret that I didn’t know these principles of keeping myself pure until marriage, and now it is too late for me.”

“I felt that our relationship would be crowned in a marriage in which we would be happy. I didn't see anything wrong with living together, but I seem to have been so wrong and now I've lost my dignity and the person I loved with all my heart.”

“We were engaged and in less than two weeks we were going to be husband and wife. The desire to be together grew in us and we thought that it didn’t matter if it was two weeks earlier or later. We were going to be together anyway. But now the guilt of my sin is a burden that is heavy to carry.”

“I wanted to bring my virginity as the most precious gift to my husband on the night of the wedding. But now I can't do that. My virginity and gift to my future husband were destroyed the moment I was raped. I've lost all hope.”

The conditions in which the intimate relationship outside of marriage has been consummated may differ. But whether we recognize it or not, this leaves deep wounds in our heart and consciousness. Regrets are immense. And the feeling of guilt is exceedingly high compared to the pleasure offered by the act of intimacy itself.

The joy and satisfaction of saying on the wedding night:

“My dear husband, I kept myself pure for you!”

and respectively

“My dear wife, I kept myself pure for you!”,

are immense and cannot be described in words. These feelings cannot be found in 21st century films or books.

But what if I can't give my partner this gift of purity?! Is it too late for such people?


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