Right and Wrong

Use Every Day Right

Jack and Sarah

Hi, Sarah! How are you?

Hi, Jack! I’m fine. Did you have a good weekend?

Yes, great! On Saturday I played football with my friends. I scored a goal and we won! What about you?

Our family had a picnic on Saturday by the lake. It was lovely! I had a swim but the water was really cold!

What did you do on Sunday?

Oh, I stayed in bed till about 11 o’clock. That was nice! Then in the afternoon, I just watched TV and practiced my music on the piano.

My uncle George always goes to church on Sunday mornings and he invites mum, dad and me to go with him, but we never bother. He says it is very important for him to be in church each Sunday. Do you think I should go too?

Hmm, I don’t know what the right answer is …

Do youthink that Jack’suncle is right? Do youthink that Jack’suncle is right?

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