Right and Wrong

Watch your tongue!

What the Bible says about the tongue

Tongue is like …

The tongue is like a rudder - The rudder is very small, but it helps steer a large ship.

The tongue is like a rein - The rein in the mouth of a horse is small, but it helps control this big animal.

The tongue is like a fire - If out of control, fire can make a lot of damage, but when controlled, fire is a blessing.

The tongue is like an animal - An animal, for example a horse, is a blessing for a household, but if it is wild and unruly, it can cause a lot of damage.

The tongue is like a spring - A spring cannot give fresh water one day and salt water the next.

The tongue is like a fruit tree - The vine cannot produce grapes one day and figs the next.

You must control your tongue and be very careful when you talk. Don’t say beautiful, nice words one minute, and then lie or swear the next.

Read more about this in your Bible in James, chapter 3.


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