Privacy policy principles

These are general rules for the ELI application. Each country is represented by local organization. You can find the information at the bottom of each instance of the ELI application.

Who is collecting personal information?

Application is managed by Dětská misie. We do not share information with any other party. Only our administrators and trained guides can see information about children.

What information are collected?

For registration is required only nick-name. Children can also fill in gender and school-class. If we obtain parental consent via e-mail, we collect e-mail address, real name and mail address.

What do we do with informations?

Nick-name, gender

We use these to personalize communication with child.


We use this information to automatically lock courses suitable only for older children.

E-mail (with parental consent)

We use e-mail to automatically notify children about new tasks and replies from guides. E-mails are hidden and guides can't see them.

Mailing address (with parental consent)

We send little reward after child finishes the course. Mailing address is visible to guides who send reward.

Parental rights

Default registration is anonymous and doesn't require parental consent. Parents can use their child's account to view all the collected information and browse full history of communication with guides.

If required, child can request parental consent through application. Request is send via e-mail and parent have three options:

delete account and all the information

allow anonymous registration

grant permission to process personal information

Link stay valid and parent can manage personal information or change conset at any time.


Any changes of privacy policy will be published here.

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