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Dear Friend,

the fear I feel led me to write to you and ask for your advice. I want to start a family and for some time I have been watching the girls in my community. I also watch the families around me. It is surprising and sometimes even upsetting how some Christians act in certain situations. How some behave during stressful or tensed times. People I would never have expected, act in an unacceptable way, I would say.

In such a context I keep asking myself: What if I'm going to marry a person, who seems ok, but is actually going to act unacceptably when under stress? More and more, I believe that I need to spend time getting to know them, dating in order to get to know my future wife. I know I don't have a Bible basis for this, but in a context where people aren't what they claim to be, I better make the right choice. Please give me some advice. How could I get to know a girl through dating, but dating according to God's will for my life.

I’m looking forward to your advice. With deep respect, Alin.


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