In love

Love is not attraction

Love at first sight

The idea is increasingly trendy.

“We saw each other and we liked each other!”

“I saw her walking down the street and I immediately fell in love with her.”

“The moment I saw him, my heart started beating faster and that's when I understood: I fell in love!”

“It was love at first sight!”

Is it possible to fall in love at first sight? Is it possible to love a person after seeing them only for the first time?

No, it's not possible.

To get to really love a person, you have to get to know them closely. This person's character, their life principles, the goals and aspirations they have, all of which you cannot learn at first sight. All this you can only find out after you spend time with that person. Only then can we fall in love with the personality and the person inside. Appearances can sometimes deceive.

The idea of love at first sight can make us fall into traps. Thinking we're in love, we can make decisions and do things that we might later regret.

Love at first sight can be no more nor less than a physical attraction. We are built with a sexual impulse that stimulates our interest in the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong or sinful in this. God created me this way.

Sin occurs when we try to satisfy this impulse the wrong way.

Have you ever experienced that feeling? To see someone that you like and say, “I'm in love”?

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