Right and Wrong

Thoughts and Actions

Jack and Sarah

Hi, Jack! How are you today? You look a bit sleepy!

Sometimes I would just love to lie in my bed and sleep all day.

What about food?

I hope mum would bring it to me. I would just wake up enough to roll over, have my food and go back to sleep again. No school! No homework! No tidying my room! Wonderful!

I don’t want to sleep so much, but sometimes I lie in bed just looking at the big clock on the wall.

What’s so special about that?

I watch the hands moving slowly and I listen to the clock go tick-tock, tick-tock. It’s fascinating! But I know that what makes the hands move is the battery inside. You can’t see it, but without the battery all movement would stop!

That’s kind of obvious!

Yes, but then I think that the clock is a bit like us. Our hands move like the clock’s, so do our legs and our tongues, but what really makes them move is what you can’t see – our thoughts. Our thoughts are like the battery. What we think and plan is what determines our actions.

Boy, you’re a philosopher! I think it’s time for me to have another nap!

Do our thoughtstruly make usmove and do things? Do our thoughtstruly make usmove and do things?

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