Growing with God

Jesus died for sinners

Jesus died for sinners

Find the missing words

for in accordance with the , that he was ,
that he was on the day in accordance with the .” 1 Corinthians 15:3-4

Reveal the secret of memory cards!
Turn the cards by clicking them. Find pairs of the same shapes. There is a letter for every shape too. Use the revealed letters to solve the fields under the memory cards.

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Say the verse out loud with actions. When you say “Christ” make the shape of a cross to remind you that He died on the cross. When you say “our sins” point in toward yourself. And when you say “Scriptures” use your hands to make the shape of an open book. Put your hand down for “buried” and raise it up again for “raised”. Hold up 3 fingers for “third” day and again hold your hands like an open book for “Scriptures”.

Use these actions to help remind you of this verse.


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