What do Christians believe?



Christians believe and that is why they are sometimes called believers. Anyone can become a believer. You just need to make a sincere decision. Some say that they are believers, but God knows who is truly serious about it. Those who believe will be back near with God again. God will forgive them and won´t be angry with them. Jesus will give them a new life and they can be looking forward to go to Heaven.

How to believe?

Click on the pictures and you will learn three things you can say to God if you want to believe.

Admit sin
I am far from God, but I wish I was near. God, forgive me my sins.
Believe in the savior
I believe Jesus is God who died for me to save me from sin.
Invite Jesus
I invite Jesus to be with me and I will obey Him. Lord Jesus, please give me a new life.

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