What do Christians believe?



Christians believe in God. There is only one true God. God is not a fairy tale, but he really is. God thinks, speaks and does real things, but otherwise He is not similar to any human. God is invisible, so we don't know what he looks like. We know what God is like because it´s written in the Bible.

What is God like?

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God created the universe, the earth and all nature. God has determined how nature will work. God created people to live on the earth.
God is perfect and nothing wrong or evil can approach him. Everything God does is perfectly good.
God created people to love them. God wants to be a friend of every person.
God does not privilege anyone. God never lies or cheats.
God will never die because he is the owner of all life. God gives life to all living things. Without God there is no life.
God rules, gives orders and makes decisions, that is why he is called "the Lord God" because He is the ruler as the "lord King".

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