God Cares About You

Among Lions!

God Cares God Cares
about you! about you!

Among Lions!

Daniel and his three friends were captives in the land of Babylon and they were selected to attend a royal school. For three years they had been learning how to serve the king of Babylon. They became the best students in the whole class and so they got the best jobs in the king’s palace.

In fact Daniel did so well that the king planned to make him his prime minister, the most important man in the whole country, next to the king himself.

But other important people in the land became jealous of Daniel.

“We have to stop this man,” they said among themselves.

“We’ll be watching Daniel and as soon as he does something wrong, we’ll tell the king.”

What Did They Find Out about Daniel?

Underline in red the things you think Daniel did sometimes.

Underline in green the things you think he never did.

Choose a word then check a color.
He was late to work
He took a bribe
He blackmailed someone
He worked sloppily
He shouted at his subordinates for no reason
He enriched himself with king’s things
He lied about his results
He behaved indecently
He badmouthed someone
He put off unpleasant duties

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