God Cares About You

He Wasn’t Afraid to Be Different

God Cares God Cares
about you! about you!

He Wasn’t Afraid to Be Different

Daniel was a young man when enemy soldiers invaded his land. The war didn’t take long because the Babylonian army was much stronger. They conquered the land and put it under their control. As soldiers were passing through, they took all the rich, intelligent and handsome people as prisoners with them. Entire crowds of people were carried away to Babylon (its modern name is Iraq).

Daniel also was taken prisoner. They took him into a strange land and he couldn’t even understand their language. He was a prisoner of an army and did not know what would happen to him.

What did Daniel feel?

Underline in blue the feelings Daniel might have had

Choose a word then check a color.

We know about Daniel’s story because it is written in the Bible. You can find the whole book called Daniel in it. The parts of the story that are taken directly from the Bible are put in bold. This story is true like all the other stories in the Bible. The Bible is actually God’s message for us. And so we can learn something from Daniel.


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