God Cares About You

Clean in a Dirty World

God Cares God Cares
about you! about you!

Clean in a Dirty World

One day a woman was walking along a road outside a large city. The road went past a big rubbish dump. Piled high, one thing on top of another, were old clothes, rotting food, old tyres and all kinds of dirty, smelly rubbish. The woman was looking around and thinking how much disgusting rubbish the people from the city throw away. It was ugly. Suddenly, something white and shiny caught the woman’s attention.

“What a surprise,” she said to herself, “to find such a pure and clean flower among all that dirt and rottenness!”

As she was walking on, an idea came to her: “I would love to be like that flower. I want to be clean and shining in this world full of dirt where people behave badly and rudely, where they are selfish and do bad things.”

Do you sometimes feel like that woman?

When kids and adults do ugly, indecent and bad things that God hates it is like a big heap of dirt. God hates such things and they seem to Him like a rubbish dump because God is clean and holy. But you can be like that flower the woman found in the middle of the rubbish dump. Clean in an unclean world. And it is right if you try hard. Can you distinguish the clean things from the unclean?

Would you like to be as clean as white flower?

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